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About Mariëlle

My name is Mariëlle Spronck.

I believe in creating a world in which people feel empowered, at ease, awake, loved and in alignment.

A world in which we all can live authentically and care for ourselves, others and the earth with integrity.

I love to play and work with people to bring more awareness and skills to topics like touch, intimacy, boundaries, desires, communication, honesty and authenticity.

My desire is for people to feel more empowered, loving and aware in all area's of their live.
I wish for everyone to feel at home, at ease, welcome and loved in their own body and in connection to others and the world around them.

I have a background in education, management, bodywork and many more life experiences and skills.

By offering the Wheel of Consent, Ritual Play, Nervous System Regulation and Pelvic Release in trainings I hope to contribute to you feeling more free, at ease, aware, alive and loving.

Workshops and trainings are in English or Dutch.

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