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I offer Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) sessions and Pelvic Release trainings.


The Pelvic Release approach I use and teach helps you to let go of physical, emotional and energetic blockages in your body.

Pelvic Release helps you to

  • feel more grounded and at home in your body;

  • feel more connection and awareness in your pelvis;

  • have a better flow of energy through your body;

  • release pain in your pelvis, genitals, guts, lower back and legs;

  • have a healthier genital area;

  • enhance the sensations and feelings in your genitals;

  • shift your sexual energy into a more fluid, soft and connected feeling;

  • have a stronger connection to your gut-feeling, intuïton and force of creation.

I use a combination of MER techniques (see below), tantric tools, knowledge about touch, the body and the nervous system.
My workshops and sessions are always grounded in consent and meant to empower you.
Communication is therefore an essential part of my workshops and sessions.

Would you like learn more about Pelvic Release?
In workshops and trainings I teach you to release blockages and contracted tissue in your pelvis.
In my calendar you can find all the options, like


You can find a Pelvic Release practitioner for individual sessions in my links.

What does a Pelvic Release session look like?

If you come to me for the first time we will always starts with an intake that takes about an hour.
After that, if we both feel a YES, I will talk you through the outline of what the session can look like.
Every session is a bit different and especially suited for you. 
Things that I do a lot in these sessions are:

  • Work on blockages in other parts of the body, to make space and let your body relax and get used to my touch.

  • We'll get to know your body and your preferred way of communicating.

  • Teach you how to stay in your body and not dissociate.

  • Help you to feel where you want to be touched and where you don't want te be touched.

  • To express those wishes and empower yourself in doing that.

  • Work on the outside of the belly, pelvis and genitals

  • If desired: work on the inside of the vagina/ rectum.

If I work on the vulva or inside the body I always work with gloves for hygienic reasons.

You can receive the sessions naked or partly dressed, as you prefer.
I am dressed.
The sessions don't include any erotic services, happy endings etc.
The focus is on release of the tissue, not on arousal.

Pelvic Release, Yoni Release


I will explain to you what Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) is about.
MER has touched me deeply and transformed my life in an amazing way.

MER is a holistic form of deep bodywork.
The method we use is releasing the cause of pain, restriction in movement and blockages in the body.
The cause of this is chronic contraction in the fascia and the muscle.

Fascia is soft tissue in the body that wraps around every other tissue in the body.
It is a network of tissue that connects everything together. It is a holistic form of tissue.
If this tissue contracts, it compresses pain sensitive nerves and that is causing pain.
Fascia has more sensitive nerves then any other tissue in the body.
It also is connected to where we are in space, our orientation.
When the tissue is highly contracted, it looses its sensations.
When it gets worked on people have a lot more awareness and sensitivity to their bodies, which is also very empowering.

We also educate people on where the chronic holding pattern comes from: emotional holding patterns, psychological defenses, negative beliefs, repressed emotions, unconscious fears.

What makes MER unique is its focus on meditation through touch.
We touch with presence, acceptance, love and honor the person we are touching.
We don’t just meet the body of the person.
We meet their awareness, their consciousness.

We releases the holding patterns in the body and we also open up the space in the body for more consciousness, more awareness, more self trust and self esteem.
We integrate body, mind and spirit.

MER not only works to release physical pain. It also releases emotional and psychological pains.
It works way beyond releasing chronic pain.
It also helps people who are depressed, people who want to expand and transform their lives, people who want to become more of who they truly are and who want to live more of their potential.

MER is developed by Satyarthi Peloquin.
Thank you Satyarthi for teaching this in such a beautiful way!
You can check out Satyarthi’s website here.

And if you are interested in the MER sessions I give in Holland, you can contact me at

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