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How useful is it to release holding patterns in the body?

One of the questions I’m often asked is: If you release the tissue/ holding pattern, will it stay away afterwards? In my opinion holding patterns are a result of belief systems, mental/ emotional patterns and other habits that exist in a person(‘s life). If I release the tissue, I help the body to be free of the physical result/ imprint of these patterns in the body. You get a fresh start so to say. If you would keep behaving/ living the thought/emotional patterns that caused the holding in the body, there will be new holding build up again of course. As the holding is just the result of the way you live your life.

The mind/emotions – body connection seems to work in two ways. The information is send from both ways. The mind and emotional state affect the body and create a physical effect in the body. And it also works the other way around. When the body is freed from a holding pattern, it can be much easier to break a mental/ emotional pattern as you are not constantly getting the feedback/pull from the body to keep re-living that pattern. Imagine that just changing your posture can already make a big difference in how you feel. Try for example when you feel sad or down to straighten your body, roll your shoulders back and smile. Do you feel the change in your body?

Deep bodywork/ release is i.m.o. most useful if you work at the patterns that caused the holding at the same time. And sometimes you feel old patterns that are still stuck in your body while you worked on and healed the mental/ emotional stuff that was underneath. It’s like your body needs an update. In my experience bodywork is a really effective and quick way to release a pattern’s physical imprint that is still left in the body.

So if it’s possible in all cases to let go of your holding patterns forever? I have no idea. I’m experimenting with it in my own life. I’m curious to hear from you. Did you manage to let go of your holding patterns?

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