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PLEASE HELP!!! I’ve tried to get it into the world already many times, but it needs to be said many more times I realised today by an email I received. A Yoni Release session isn’t supposed to hurt more than you can handle without a change of breath!! It can be slightly stingy or burning, but not so much that you frown, contract your muscles, change your rhythm of breathing and so on. I introduced the term Yoni Release several years ago for the techniques and approach I developed to release blockages, numbness and pain in the yoni. I notice people are starting to pick up on the term and that causes confusion. As some people use it for other work than the approach and techniques that I have developed. I tried to get a copyright, but that is unfortunately not possible. So that’s why I ask you to be aware! The only Yoni Release sessions that follow my techniques and approach you can only get from people that are trained by me! You can find them on my website:

Anyone else who uses the term Yoni Release is not giving a session that I recommend. And to be honest, there are only a few people I do recommend going to for a session. I only recommend Annemarie Reilingh and the people that are trained by me. I know there are a few more people that give good sessions, but since I don’t know them from experience, I don’t recommend them myself. I also hear people saying the practitioner works with the Wheel of Consent. But when they talk about the session, I hear they are doing that by asking for an ‘OK’ before going to the next step. NO NO NO!!! Please don’t say you are working with the Wheel of Consent, because contains much more than that and you obviously don’t know enough about it. I seem to be in a kind of ranting mode at the moment, but it breaks my heart when I hear yet another woman has had a session in which she screamed out in pain. So please, to all the practitioners who are doing it: STOP IT! NOW! It doesn’t work in the long run. It only causes more harm. And to all the women that want to heal their yoni’s: Please be careful who you go to. Don’t accept any pain level that is above slightly uncomfortable. It is not beneficial to you. It is not needed and it can cause even more damage. Please help me to stop this now! Thank you! with love, Marielle Spronck Avalanche Bodywork

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