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Sex is important

Sex is important to me. I love it. And I like a lot of it. I like it to be passionate, vulnerable, gentle, loving, kinky, physical, energetic, connected, sensual, blissful, releasing or anything else it chooses to be. My body orgasms easily in all kind of ways. It takes me into depths of pleasure I can hardly imagine when I’m not there. I love to share the gift of it with my lover. Because of the importance I haven’t had sex for quite a while. As sex to me is not something to have. It has become my art. The art of making love: a physical expression of love manifested. A process of creation. It is my offering to the core of life. I’ve stopped to use it as a quickfix for my lust, my hunger for another human being, for connection, for relaxation and to recharge. I refuse to use someone else to fulfill my desire to be in that place of bliss, of unity. So what now? I’m curious and excited to hear the Universe’s answer to my call for clarity .


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