A letter that moved me to tears.

I want to share an email exchange (with permission of course) that gave me goose bumps and moved me to tears from gratitude when I realized the impact the work I teach can have on peoples lives. Dear Mariëlle,

I participated the yoni release workshop last week and I just wanted to let you know how much the release has helped me.

I really had all kinds of problems in my pelvis and genitalia in the last two years since I started to go to therapy in relation to trauma from childhood sexual abuse. These were, 'sterile' UTIs, urine incontinence, pain during penetration, haemorrhoids, these symptoms in different order along the way, many times together. I went to your workshop with symptoms of vulva/vagina cramps, not being able to control urine and haemorrhoids.

I then did my first pelvic release a week ago, on Saturday evening, I took my time and was very present to my yoni. I worked according to the steps you teached, except that when I finished with the clitoris I massaged further outside the anus, and only after that I went on inside the vagina. (I am wondering if you have any advice on the order of massages, if one wants to take along the anus, as well? First only yoni, in - and outside then anus, or first everything inside, then everything outside?). I couldn't feel my cervix so I was mostly busy with the walls of the vagina and G/A spot. I felt pain releasing and sometimes even a little bit of joy on the released spot after the pain release. It felt like release that should have happened long ago..By the next day, around 80% of my outer hemmorhoids dissapeared, including pain. And I also was able to listen to my yoni for the first time in years and be gentle with it!! I was so happy to find myself back again in that regard. The next day, the tissue on my pubic bone was so soft and more pillowy. I also had the muscle pain but that was obviously because of the training. After the first time, I waited until the muscle pain went away (one day).

By the second massage (the same way), I really felt big differences in how soft the tissue was on the outer side, and I reached deeper tissues and nodes, and sources of pain. I feel that I am working on tissues that are cramped for so long. For the second time, pain was not going away and it was not just muscle pain. I have the feeling that it might be because of the cough I had which started some days before the workshop. With the cough basically I train my pelvic muscles the whole day through and work on the incontinence issue - which is really going well!! - but I realised I cramped the muscles too much because of the cough and I have pain because of that. It's like I am massaging the tissue to release and it cramps back again...probably my yoni needs to get used to being relaxed? Do you have any insights regarding this?

And well, she just really wanted me to hold my hands on her quiet frequently last week. I thought it's better not to massage myself again for a while to make it better, but well, as I told you my yoni is talking to me now :) On Friday, I could release this pain with a very gentle massage, this time, only on the outside of my yoni. I figured I still need to listen to her more, to be even more sensitive to what kind of touch she wants..

Yesterday I also gave a release to myself and it went much better and gentler, and today I haven't had pain. Basically, now hemmorhoids are almost totally gone, I less occasions of urine loss than a week ago and I am feeling being more in my power base and core. I also realised all those muscles there are in relation with hip flexors. My hips are much more loose now inn a different way than from hip opener exercises.

I haven't released inside the anus yet. I definitely feel I still have inner hemmorhoids, so if you have a tip in this regard, let me know..

I am moving very fast now on the way of healing, and I have the feeling that I need to take it slower. I might have been too ambitious and intrusive first with the release. But I think now, I am starting to get an understanding on how I can give different releases based on the different pains and needs of my yoni. So that I can take care of my yoni, but also slow down with the healing by not to give myself too intensive tissue release. Please, let me know if you have any tips or insights regarding my experience.

I can not tell how grateful I am that you offer these workshops! I really believe that every woman needs to get a relationship with their yoni and you are helping us doing just that. And so I am telling about your worksop to other women..The techniques I learnt are truly valuable and life changing for me.

Thank you again and liefs, ****** And I will share my response with you as well: Hi, Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. It gives me goose bumps to hear how much it is helping you and how empowered you sound in using what you've learned. When I read your story, It sounds like you're listening to your body very well. And yes, maybe it was a bit too much in your second release while having the cough out of enthusiasm. That has given you the feeling of the necessity to slow down, I guess. I would not release myself while I'm not feeling very well. Like with a cough. And yes, good conclusion, the constant contraction of the muscles brings tension and in your case pain because the stiff muscles/contractions press against nerves and pain sensors. I would keep feeling and listening to your body. With a lot of trauma, I would take it slow most of the time. Although it can be nice to feel a big effect and that also has an important role in building confidence that it works, it really can heal and you can do it yourself. So nothing is wrong. Give yourself the opportunity to experiment what works for you. For a long term effect I would choose to release not too long in most of the sessions and maybe just do parts of the sequence. Because the trauma that is stored in the tissue and also toxics that got stuck in contracted tissue will be released and need to be flushed out of your body. It is quite a job for your body. And yes, include your anus. That is also a very important part in releasing trauma, stress and contracted tissue. Be careful with bacteria from the anus. You don't want them in your vagina. So wash your hands in between. The order doesn't matter. Just follow your intuition. And start on the outside of the anus like you are doing. You will feel the moment coming by itself when you want to go in. Use enough oil/lubricant when you want to release the inside and also there again, take it slow, maybe hold your finger still and move your hips. And use the technique to reverse the direction of the touch, so that you feel from the inside out. I hope this information helps. If you have more questions, feel free to ask. with love, Marielle The gold is in your own hands! <3

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