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De Bilt, The Netherlands

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July 18, 2019

July 1, 2019

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December 19, 2018

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January 18, 2019

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Boys becoming Men

March 29, 2018

I had such a beautiful experience.
My friend’s son came to me for a session.
His mother gave him a tantric massage for his birthday.
His first one.
The tantric massage that is, not the birthday. ;-)

I don’t offer tantric massages anymore, but for my friends I’d love to do it for their young adult sons.
It was the second time one of my friends have send their sons for a tantric massage.

Both times I’ve felt so touched by the trust and the gift they give their sons.
It also feels as a big responsibility to create a safe space for them to explore.
I see the importance of it, the contribution.

The beauty of the transformation
Life that awakens the body
Feeling a lovers touch
Energy that rises
Feeling power
The body that wants action again
And an even deeper rest in sensuality
Meeting self by meeting me
Coming home into the body
So blissful to fully be there
Creating space for love
A lasting imprint of possibilities
How to fly sky high while being firmly grounded in the body
The experience that it is your body that is able to go there

What a touching ritual, an initiation, an opening.
I’m looking forward to a world in which we learn to be at home in our body and love our bodies like that again.
A world in which we can feel the privilege of Life, the goodness of its nature.
A world in which we show our children the way.
A world in which we dance on that path of life.
I love to create a world in which we all learn the art of creating space for love.
In ourselves, the other, the world around us, the unknown, the unseen and beyond.

It feels so amazing he said, big grin on his face, to be in my body without it feeling as being in a prison. It is a great feeling.

To his mom he send a message: “It was Epic”.

Thank you, Life.
I’ve been on my knees many times in this life.
I just love being on the ground in full gratitude and feeling humble for the role I play on days like this.