A curve in your penis, normal or not?

A curve in your penis, normal or not?

We are told it is normal to have a penis with a curve to one side. Most people are used to it and think this is how penises look like. But does that mean it is the natural state of the penis? Usually a curve doesn't cause any problems or discomfort, especially not in the beginning. But sometimes it does. In other cases the curve becomes bigger after months or years and the curve starts to become uncomfortable, cause urinary or erectile problems or penetrative sex difficulties. So what is happening here? A curve in a penis shows the Fascia on one side of the penis is contracted. It could be in the shaft, the area around it or in the groin (for example after a vasectomy). Contracted Fascia usually becomes harder over time which can cause problems in the long run. How does the Fascia contract? * It can happen because you carry your penis in one position a lot, like always carrying it to the left in your pants. It happens in the same way how your body shapes in a certain way when you sit a lot or do a lot of sports or repetitive movements. *Or there can be a stresser that activated it. It could be something physical, like an operation, a knee in your crotch or over-using your penis. When you have an intense emotional experience or a lot of stress in your life, that can also cause the Fascia to contract and create a curve.

So is a curve in your penis normal? It is true that there are a lot of curved penises, just like there are a lot of people have shoulders that bend forward. It is a natural response of the body. And yet, there is a possibility to get the tissue supple and healthier again and therefore prevent future problems or maybe even solve current problems. There is a way to take care of your genitals in the same way you can take care of the rest of your body. So what to do? You can learn Pelvic Release techniques that you can use yourself or that you can use on someone else's body to keep your genital area healthy and the tissue in an optimal condition so you can experience pleasure, grounding and healthy genitals in the long run. It can serve as a preventive measure or help you to heal current issues. Do you want to know more? If you want to know more about Pelvic Release, curves and how to get happy and healthy genitals, check out https://www.pelvic-release.com/ or 'pelvicrelease' on Instagram with love, Mariëlle

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