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Ready to DIY? I have a partner, so why would I learn the Pelvic Self Release? I don’t like to touch myself on my genitals.

I’d rather have someone else release my genitals. A professional knows better how to touch me. I have no sexual issues, so why would I? I haven’t experienced any trauma. Can’t you just fix it for me? Recognize one of these? Or maybe you have another reason why you would not want to take care of that important part of your body… your genitals. In my opinion your genitals begin with you. Not with your partner or your doctor. We live in a society where we expect other people to bring us pleasure (even by using porn when we are alone) or to fix us when our body is having a hard time. Most of us don’t realize our body is ours. We have a right to it and a responsibility as well. Maybe you feel a bit hesitant to touch your genitals? You don’t see why you would benefit from it? When I started to release my own genitals:

  • Menstrual cramps disappeared.

  • I could feel and express my gut feeling, desires and boundaries better.

  • I felt more grounded.

  • I could actually feel my genitals and that lovely sensation in them, just by bringing my attention there.

  • My lower back pain disappeared.

  • My legs and feet became warmer and more alive.

  • I felt more connection to myself and my place on this earth.

  • I became more relaxed over all.

  • My creative thinking and out of the box problem solving skills increased.

And there are probably more benefits I’m forgetting now. Those were not the only benefit. One of the biggest, most empowering effects was the feeling of confidence, self -worth and trust in myself….. because…. I did it myself! I wasn’t depended on anyone else, a partner, a therapist or a friend to do it for me. I could just make my life a whole lot better with simple techniques, in my own bed, my couch or just while taking a shower or a bath.

So simple, yet so profound That’s when I realized: I want to offer Pelvic Self Release workshops. Because that is where it starts: with you, your body, touching and exploring yourself and creating a strong, trustworthy, loving bond with your body and especially your genitals, so you have a strong yet sensual foundation in your body. I’ll teach you tools you can benefit from for the rest of your life. It’s not a one time experience. It is a start. Do you want to DIY (Do it Yourself) as well? To start with you?

I offer 2 Pelvic Self Release workshops in 2019: 2 March 2019: Lingam Self Release workshop for people with male genitalia 3 March 2019: Yoni Self Release workshop for people with female genitalia. (If you have another variety of genitalia, please get in touch to talk about what would suit you best) You can find more detailed event info here: Or on Facebook: I hope to see you soon! with love, Marielle

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