Ohhhh my dearest Peak Orgasm, You have been cursed, You have been called vicious, sinful, junk food and many more ugly names. You have been blamed for many things, especially in some tantric circles. I want to thank you today. Honor you, Speak out loud my admiration and gratitude. You make pleasure so much more accessible to many people. You release my stress when I’m tensed, You bring me relaxation and ease, You offer me fun and pleasure, You sometimes even take over my dreams to help my body get rid of too much stress. Ohhh what an amazing bodily function you are! Such an amazing creation, Such a perfect design. I love you I adore you I value you Thank you for doing your part, nourishing me, protecting me, pleasuring me, bringing me ease and relaxation. I’ll do my part as well and I will not exhaust you, Not overstimulate you, Not pushing you with vibrators or other strong forces, which will make you build a protection shield from tougher tissue,

So, you don’t get hurt. I understand… I’ll do my best to help you stay sensitive,

So, you can play your part in the most mesmerizing way. You’re beautiful Thank you

I love you With love, Marielle

#Orgasm #Pleasure #Rant #PelvicRelease #sex #YoniRelease

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