Doesn’t accept white lies. Doesn’t handle half truths very well.

Full truths are hard already. As they are subjective, And in constant change. Shifting perspective, Creates a change of truth.

So even when it is a full truth in the moment. I’ve got my hands already full, when I relate with people giving me their all, their full truth in every moment.

There is enough to explore for me there.

I don’t like the muddy place of convenient truth that leaves things unsaid, That could have been expressed. That could have brought more clarity, More connection, More heart into the relating.

And yes, I know it’s freaking scary. It takes a warrior. Because what if the other person judges my truth? Do I love and trust myself enough? Will I still love myself after being judged from the outside?

It takes courage. A lot of courage. Time and time again. In every thing I say. In every thing I do. It is a practice.

Integrity, that fierce dragon of love that burns away everything that is not pure. Because it can do no other. It is who it is. LOVE A huge ocean of gentleness with a razor-sharp sword cutting through the mists.

INTEGRITY, You are so beautiful to me. So stunningly gorgeous. So strong, you scare me at times, leaving me feeling naked, trembling, standing in the middle of nature’s force

Yet you are so dear to me. I love you with all that I've got.

You help me to step up to who I can grow into with every moment we share together.

Thank you.


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