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What is your answer?

How has your nervous system been responding to the immense changes in society over the past 2 years? Between the daily movements in my nervous system I can also track the bigger movements now when I look back. I noticed my first response when the first lockdown started, was a fight response, going back and forth between ventral and sympathetic. I started to work hard (about 60-80 hours a week) and I’ve created a beautiful online training in those weeks. During the summer I experienced a lot of Ventral energy, the restrictions were lifted somewhat, I went on a holiday to France like I did the year before as well. I offered a Wheel workshop and was enjoying my life, while underneath I could still feel a sympathetic pull, because I knew, even when it wasn’t as much in my face right now, this break of the craziness was temporary. But then when Fall came and the especially a new Lockdown in December which made me have to cancel a 3 day workshop just 2 days before I collapsed into Dorsal, (after a quick sympathetic anger and wanting to hide under my blankets). So I took my rest. I had someone who helped me with the ongoing work I normally do, so I gave myself 2 months without any work. That was helpful. Somewhere during January, I noticed I started to look forward again. And I had enough Ventral energy active to look at my options and what felt like the right direction for me. One morning at the end of January I woke up knowing it was time to start a Church. It was a strange thing to do for me as I grew up in the Catholic Church and hated the hypocrisy, dogma’s and the religious system as a whole. Yet starting a church felt like the best option within all the restrictions. It was my best option to live the life I’m here to live. For me the commitment to my soul is the biggest commitment I have. It’s a lot bigger than any commitment to a government or outside authority. So that impacts my choices a lot. My soul is the clearest guide when I’m looking for direction.

Someone told me they’ve asked themselves: “What is my answer to this?” I think that’s a beautiful question to ask. And I wonder what will happen, if we start to ask ourselves: “What is MY answer to this?” And I wonder: “What is your answer?”

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