The Wheel of Consent is a tool you can use to learn more about:

- Making authentic choices

- Your body and the nervous system

- Authentic relating

- Honest communication and being transparent

- Longings and boundaries

- Upgrading your relationships

- How to enjoy sex (even) more
- How to play in a fun, juicy, nurturing way and much, much more

We will play with all of this in a fun, empowering and nourishing way.
I offer the Wheel of Consent in workshops, trainings and sometimes at a festival.

The Wheel of Consent
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Learning The Wheel of Consent:

I'm an official Facilitator for the Wheel of  Consent workshop.

For a Dutch explanation, read below or in my blogpost.



The Wheel of Consent is a foundational tool for all human relating – between friends, family, colleagues and intimate partners.


I invite you to a 3-day workshop on the Wheel of Consent, which is a powerful tool to improve the quality of your touch and create clear agreements so you can experience satisfying connection to self and others.


This workshop is about:

• Making choices – learning how to choose for yourself and stay in your full YES.

• Gaining skills of empowerment and communication – noticing, valuing, and trusting desires, having the courage to ask for what you want, and feeling safe enough to receive.

• Understanding the dynamics of Receiving and Giving and taking them apart

• Understanding who is doing and who it is for – because they are different

• Waking up sensuality – feeling and following pleasure in your own body.


Understanding and embodying the Wheel of Consent can only happen through a somatic experience – you have to feel it in your skin. Therefore, learning the Wheel happens through touch exercises.

There are many opportunities for exchanging touch as part of the learning, but there is no genital touch or full nudity in the workshop.


In these 3 days, you will:

• Learn what ‘receiving’ and ‘giving’ really are – and why knowing the difference is crucial for creating connection and intimacy

• Find out where you are clear (or not) in receiving and giving

• Learn the framework of the Wheel of Consent as a foundation for connection

• Experience pleasure and sensation in your skin that you can access any time you choose

• Access parts of yourself that have been hidden away that are ready to be seen, appreciated and healed

• Gain skills to bring clarity and heart into your hands so that all your touch is rich, juicy and satisfying

• Become exquisitely aware of your desires and limits and practice how to communicate them

• Practice giving and receiving and experience it in your body


This weekend offers the space to experiment and to learn. In any moment you get to choose how you want to participate in the exercises, for example by watching, by doing an exercise, by taking a nap or whatever serves you most in the moment.



This course is part of the official program of the School of Consent, please visit:



Who is this for?

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and improving the quality of their relationships – personal or professional, with lovers, friends, parents, children or colleagues. No prior experience necessary. For those who have been exposed to the Wheel, and those who haven’t, there are always new levels of awareness to be found. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome in this event. There is no gender balance in this workshop.


About 'gender balancing':

I do not gender balance - allow only equal numbers of male and female participants - for many reasons. We are learning here, not hooking up. You can learn these skills with persons of any genital configuration and any gender. Plus, not everyone fits neatly into the categories you might think they do. Quite often, setting aside gender in order to learn and explore is profoundly liberating. Many people have told me that was the biggest 'Aha'.



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The Netherlands
Or you can invite me to come and teach at your place.


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In het Nederlands: 

Ik neem je in deze 3 dagen graag mee op ontdekkingsreis naar je binnenwereld, je verlangens en grenzen, je verbinding met de ander, helder communiceren en evt. aanraking.

De workshop is gebaseerd op het Wheel of Consent ®, ontwikkeld door Betty Martin.

Consent betekent hierin een heldere 'overeenkomst' tussen twee volwassenen.
Consent brengt veiligheid en duidelijkheid, zodat je diep kan ontspannen en je veilig kunt voelen om te ontdekken en te spelen.

Deze workshop brengt je:

*tools om te leren kiezen: Kiezen wat je wil en wat je bereid bent te geven.
*inzicht in jouw gewoontepatronen van geven - ontvangen, nemen - toestaan
*veel ruimte om te doorvoelen
*het inzicht dat jouw grenzen en verlangens heel belangrijk zijn en dat je ze mag/kan uitspreken
*tools om in je dagelijkse leven hierin te gaan bewegen
*mogelijkheid om je JA's en je NEE's te leren voelen en verwoorden op een fijne, duidelijke manier
*opening tot transformatie 
*en veel mogelijkheid tot plezier in jezelf, met anderen en het leven

Dit is een workshop waarin je kunt experimenteren en leren: steeds opnieuw kun je kiezen of je mee wilt doen in de oefeningen of niet, door bijvoorbeeld te kijken of een dutje te doen of iets anders waar jij blij van wordt. Het uitgangspunt is dat je niets hoeft totdat je een impuls voelt om mee te doen.

Voor wie?
Deze workshop is voor iedereen die denkt: ‘Ja, dat wil ik!’
Je hebt geen ervaring nodig. Deze workshop is voor iedereen die er nog nooit van gehoord heeft, een beetje over gehoord heeft of al vaker geoefend.
Je bent welkom.

Ik probeer mijn workshops zo inclusief mogelijk te maken en geen aannames te doen over iemands geslacht of seksuele oriëntatie. Je kunt de oefeningen doen met andere deelnemers ongeacht geslacht, seksuele oriëntatie, uiterlijk.
Je doet alleen oefeningen met de mensen die je zelf kiest of bereid bent mee te oefenen.
Op dit moment zit ik in een gebouw zonder lift, met trappen.
Als dat een probleem voor je is, neem dan contact met me op. Dan kijken we wat er mogelijk is.

Wil je mijn Covid protocol eerst graag inzien, mail me dan op


Wanneer en waar?

Kijk in de Calendar

Voor meer informatie kun je ook mijn blog over het Wheel lezen: blogpost.


What the people that came before you said about this workshop:

"Very informative, deep insights in the dynamics of touch and my own patterns."


"I have the tools now to communicate clearly and that really improved my relationships."


"I feel much more confident in relating to others, touch and physical connection. I dare to take initiative and to play now. I feel less tension. It really helped me relating to others and also to myself."


"Yesterday I participated in part 1 of the Wheel of Consent Workshop.

It was very valuable and fun to me as it completely changed my ideas on touch (giving and receiving). Mariëlle teaches it in a very respectful and professional way. I will definitely continue this training!"


"Are you a bodyworker or massage therapist and haven't you done the this workshop yet? Then join! This is of great value for your work with clients."

In this video I will explain what the Wheel of Consent which I used to call Touch Academy is about: