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Mariëlle Spronck

About Mariëlle

Welcome to my website.
I love to share my work with you.
It's my contribution to the world and I'm quite passionate about it.

I offer:

The Wheel of Consent

Ritual Play
Pelvic Release training (live & online)
Nervous System Regulation (Polyvagal Theory)


My name is Mariëlle Spronck.

I believe in creating a world in which people feel empowered, at ease, awake, loved and in alignment.
A world in which we all can live authentically and care for ourselves, others and the earth with integrity.

I love to play with people to bring more awareness, exploration, experience and skills to topics like touch, intimacy, boundaries, desires, communication, honesty and authenticity.


Wheel of Consent

In the The Wheel of Consent workshops you'll learn you about:

- the Wheel of Consent,

- Your body and the nervous system,

- Noticing, trust and communicate what it is you want.

- Authentic & intimate relating,

- Honest communication,

- Expressing your desires, limits 

- and much more.

We will play with all of this in a fun, empowering and nourishing way

Ritual Play

Ritual Play is intimate in its invitation to non-verbal “in the moment”- realness.

Nervous System

A flexible nervous system is a healthy bodily system that can find joy in connection and doesn't get stuck in protection responses.

I offer trainings in which you'll:
-learn the language of your Nervous System

- explore and map your own Nervous System

- exercise regulation and train your Nervous System to become more flexible.

Pelvic Release
Online Training

Upgrade our lives by releasing our genitals!

Join the online Pelvic Release training and create happy and healthy genitals. You can do the training from your own home at your own pace.


Some beautiful Testimonials:

“After following Mariëlle online for a few months, I felt I was 'ready'. Despite the fear of the unknown, the nerves and the shame I felt, everything in me said: 'This is what you need'. It resonated. My feeling didn't let me down and Mariëlle was the perfect choice. I felt so heard and seen. To me indispensable parts of receiving Bodywork. Mariëlle could give me valuable insights with her knowledge and sensitivity which altered the way I look at myself, my body and the blockages that I felt.
The feeling of safety and warmth she created in combination with her full presence touches me every time. I can fully experience and receive it without needing to do anything. A gift of great value."

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